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Posts published in “Ruekwriting”

Thoughts on poetry: writing it, reading it, tearing it apart, putting it back together.

Little Coffins

David Ruekberg 0

A few years ago I started a writing project called Weather Report, about internal and external weather: the changing landscape of my spiritual evolution/dissolution, and global warming. It seems like…

Five poems up on Bloom

David Ruekberg 0

What I’m not used to is the whole batch being accepted at once, which is what happened recently when the online poetry journal, Bloom, took all five poems.

What is the River Pishon?

David Ruekberg 0

A river flowed from Eden to water the garden, and from there it divided to make four streams. The first is named the Pishon, and this winds all through the…


David Ruekberg 1

Submitting poems to journals is an arduous process, and apparently my way of implementing it makes it more so. I have a personality defect which makes me sometimes take things…