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Teaching Poetry in High School

David Ruekberg 0

One day my friend and small god, Albert Abanado, invited me and a few other teachers who also write poetry to his radio show, Flour City Yawp, on Rochester’s independent radio station, WAYO 104.3 FM.

Al writes, “Poet-teachers Marcy Gamzon, Reenah Golden, David Ruekberg, and George Steele swing by to talk about the difficult task of¬†teaching poetry in high schools. We cover practices, the pressures of bureaucracy, and the economic disparities that complicate it all.”

Al’s write-up and the interview speak for themselves, so I’ll let you discover them by clicking this little link¬†(scroll all the way down to listen; the interview starts at 3:30).

Al Abonado
Al Abonado, poetry DJ at WAYO-FM

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