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I/me/himself/we live near Rochester, NY, in a cute little Tudor/Cape Cod/boxy house on a sharp curve, and have lost two mailboxes to winter skids.

I currently teach English to young adults in the International Baccalaureate program at Hilton High School, where I’ve also taught Creative Writing, Journalism, and Drama. In addition, I have led writing classes for adults and young people at Writers & Books, Rochester’s literary arts center.

Fixture man
A Warren Wilson MFA motto: Read, Write, Dance, Repeat

Midway through my life I received my MFA in Poetry in 2004 from the Warren Wilson College MFA Program for Writers, and enjoyed a residency at Jentel Arts in 2005. Since then, I have been grinding away at what I learned in both places about writing and self-discipline. Also of help was time at the Heartwork Institute, Rochester Zen Center, Endless Path Zendo, my own cushion, and the woods.

Since 1988, I have shared my life and love with Leah Ruekberg, a massage therapist, storyteller, writer, and teacher. As I write in “Cardinal,” a poem in Hour of the Green Light, “My wife likes to say we’re a bundle of contradictions. She’s up early, I’m up late. She’s A, I’m O. She believes in God but not eternal life, I pray for the opposite.”  Nevertheless, we share a love of reading, writing, gardening, cooking, and contemplation — and of our son, Brian, and his family.

My first book of poetry, Where Is the River Called Pishon?, was published by Kelsay Books in August, 2018. I am currently seeking publication of a second manuscript, Hour of the Green Light, which was semi-finalist in the 18th Annual Elixir Press Poetry Award.

For a partial list of publications, see Poems.


“Earth 17.” Quilt by Janet Schultz, Flagstaff, AZ. (Email available on request.)

Author photo by Tonya Kostenko.