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Poetry Resources

Below are links to a few resources, or just do a web search on your own, like I did.

Daily poems

Academy of American Poets
Poetry Daily
Poetry Foundation

Helpful poetry sites

Poetic terms

Writing Prompts



Make your own prompts

    • Re-read a poem that you enjoy or are intrigued by. What is the writer is up to? Do you connect with the subject matter? Is the form of interest?
    • Pretend you’re about to teach a writing class. What would you suggest to aspiring writers? Teaching is a great way to learn something. 
    • Make a list. I think it was David Ignatow who said, “Every poem is a list poem” (or something like that). 
      • Make a list of memories. Make that your poem, or choose one and write about it. 
      • Making any list will trigger more ideas. Once you start writing images down, it will generate more. Just get started. 


Writing and Publishing FAQ, Academy of American Poets

Writing Careers: The Business Behind Becoming an Author

Site Comments Cost URL
Duotrope Search by genre, topic, contest; track your submissions $50/year
New Pages Calls for submissions (usually by topic), contests, etc.  Free
Poets & Writers Search by genre, topic, contest, etc. Also how to promote, meet others. List of readings, workshops.  Free
Submittable Site that most online journals use to manage submissions. They also have announcements of contests, tips for writers, etc.  Free, though journals and presses may charge reading or contest fees.


Class materials

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