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Hour of the Green Light (FutureCycle Press, 2021)
Where Is the River Called Pishon (Kelsay Books, 2018)

Hour of the Green Light

Hour of the Green Light begins in the womb at the moment when the soul chooses to leave paradise, and explores the aftermath of that decision.  A bike ride in Central Park, laundry, climate change, a rodeo, and the threat of invasive chipmunks provide a few of the settings for this inquiry into love, work, self, and death. The quest for “an end to suffering” pervades the collection. Despite our perception of darkness in this life, these poems urge us to discover “the only light we can know.”

Hour of the Green Light will be available on January 4, 2021 in print-on-demand or Kindle versions. Click here to pre-order your Kindle copy now.

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Where Is the River Called Pishon

Where Is the River Called Pishon? is my first book, a collection of poems that explores the longing for spiritual belonging in everyday life. The title refers to the River Pishon, named in the second creation story in Genesis. The title poem begins,

Who are these people? When did they arrive?
Did they come on the same boat as you and I?
Did they coalesce from dew and dust, fall as feathers from the sky?

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Available at Kelsay Books or Amazon. Or contact me here to get a signed copy at a discounted price of $6.